The Impact of Words

Have you ever considered the ways that you could help create a home that affects you in positive ways?

I have an idea to share with you. It is likely that you have different things you have chosen to hang on your walls in your home.  Have you ever asked yourself why you chose the particular things that are on your walls today? Were you intentional in what you chose? Or was it just something that looked pretty or had a good price? It is likely that you have many different reasons for your choices. 

The things you surround yourself with daily matter, they communicate pieces of who you are, what is important to you and also have the power to impact you.

For these reasons you should be intentional about the things you choose to surround yourself with in your home. I strongly suggest  you surround yourself with positivity in your own home. Positive words are a great way to accomplish this. 

 Do you have a favorite quote? Is there a scripture that always helps to lift your spirits? Word art that speaks to your heart and mind are must haves in your home.

 Jack Schafer, Ph.D. explained the impact of words perfectly, “Words cannot change reality, but they can change how people perceive reality. Words create filters through which people view the world around them.”

Help influence the way you perceive reality by surrounding yourself with good words! I am sure you can think of some quotes that can achieve this. Now just for fun I will share some of my favorites. 

I have this one up because I think it has a great message, I purposely hung this one where the entire family can see it as they come in and out of the home. I hope it will inspire them to reach for their dreams but also be kind humans  as they do so.

The following two quotes I have alternated in the past in our family room. It is a reminder to me to have faith. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a rough day and when my eyes caught a glimpse of the quote it helped me to remember him whom I trust. 

I think you get the idea! Now go find your positive words and surround yourself with them. You can print them out or write them down and place them somewhere in your home where you will be sure to see them. 


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