Small Entryway? Same here.

The wall next to my front door backs up right against the wall. The our coat closet shortly follows making it a pretty tight space. After a couple months of having moved in I told myself I was going to figure it out to make it a cute corner I could style and have it be as functional as possible. 

I ended up making a few mockups and ended up loving this design. Especially considering I could get all of the pieces needed as they were currently in stock, or I already had them on hand. I feel lately like that is half the battle. So many things are out of stock. 

Small Entryway, arch mirror, floral stems


I will say I am very happy with it! The kids us the hooks on the wall to hang jackets or even backpacks, and I get my cute little corner to style. The mirror has been nice to get one last look at ourselves before we walk out the door (just to make sure we are looking presentable.....). In the future I can see myself changing out the mirror for art and changing up the vase and floral stems. For me it is fun to freshen up spaces changing little things here and there. 


Links to sources

Arched Mirror

Plum Stems by Afloral (currently sold out) other options here and here

Round Vase

Round Side Table

Coat Hooks I spray painted mine black then added some rub n buff 



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