Shop With Me: Florals and Greenery. Target & Hobby Lobby January 2022


Lately I have been noticing all the greenery and floral stems in all the stores I walk into. I know some of us are in the dead of winter and all the stores are stocked up with spring merchandise. Sometimes I think, I am not ready for the next season, it's too soon! However, I am not minding seeing all of the reminders of spring. Winter although beautiful in its own way, is more difficult for me. Spring has always been my favorite season. I am not sure if it is because of the beauty of the earth (plants and flowers) come back to life, or if it is because winters can seem so long! 
Either way, today I am sharing a few of the florals and greenery that caught my attention. The best part is that they are all very affordable! The Hobby Lobby Stem is the highest priced one, but they do sales all the time for 50% off! The other stems were all from target! Links to each one is provided below! 



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